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Durham Community Foundation offers a broad grantmaking program to create a healthy and vibrant place for all to live. To date, Durham Community Foundation has granted over $1.6 Million to more than 100 charities across Durham Region.

DCF Grant Policy

Durham Community Foundation recognizes that a vibrant and healthy community can only be built through collaborative efforts, innovative partnerships and a firm commitment to create opportunities for all citizens to enhance the quality of their lives and/or those of their family, friends and neighbours.

Granting builds upon the strengths and responds to the needs of our community. It is the most visible aspect of Durham Community Foundation’s work. To effectively fulfill its philanthropic responsibilities within the limits of its resources, Durham Community Foundation’s grants program relies on the following guidelines.

Durham Community Foundation Community Fund(s) Grantstream

Funding is made possible by the permanent endowment funds established by many families throughout our region who love their community. The grant applications are reviewed by an independent committee of professionals  who live and work in the Region of Durham.

Ajax Community Fund Granstream

Funding is made possible by the Town of Ajax. DCF is grateful for the Town of Ajax Council’s support in making the granstream available to registered charities that provide programs and services to residents in Ajax. The grant applications are reviewed by the Ajax Community Fund Task Force, an independent committee of Ajax professionals at arm’s length from the Town of Ajax and Durham Community Foundation, co-chaired by John G. Smith and Don Terry.

The submission deadline for Grant Applications is July 31, 2018 by email.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship

Todd McNabb was a coach in the minor hockey community in Ajax and Pickering for over ten years.

Honoring his passion and desire for youth to embrace an extracurricular activity like hockey to build character
and create friendships for a lifetime, the Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014.

Available to a student graduating from a high school in Ajax or Pickering and entering their first year of a post-secondary education program, this $1,000 scholarship requires participation in minor hockey for a minimum of 3 seasons and also encourages strong academic achievement, engagement in extracurricular activities and active involvement in the community.

2018 Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship Recipients


Announced in May, pictured above are the five recipients of the 2018 awards from left to right: Brianna Wong, Cole Brown, Zachary Millar, Andrew Karaoulis, Nolan Keats

Previous Award Winners:


Madison Ayres, Liam Cresswell, Tyler Dender, Megan Florian, Tyler Munro, Brendan Murphy & Andrew Plummer


Avery Pasternak and Craig Rushton


Alyssa Gee, Andrew Hughes and Graham Port

Note: Given continued growth in the value of the fund, a $1,000 donation was also made to “Their Opportunity” in June 2016 to further support youth hockey programs in Ajax/Pickering.

To find out more about Todd McNabb please visit